Saturday, March 19, 2011


Last weekend I went to a pleasant evening with my friends ... live in a house in the countryside, have two amazing girls and two very nice friends and most importantly, Mark is the best chef I know :-)
 appetizer with cream of potato French sauce of cuttlefish ink, balsamic vinegar and black olives (too beautiful to see!)
 rice with shrimp marinated in lemon and melted...
 boneless stuffed rabbit, potato and carrot mousse ...
 good friends...
good food...
puff pastry filled with chocolate cream with pineapple cooked in wine ...
 and the Stars! Adorables
* magic mum * 
Well, that's life.
Miss Milky
pentax vs canon


Anonymous said...

Everyone has friends who deserve, and we have you!
Even if you used canon you managed to take some pictures.
I hope you have digested it all.

The next time.... to your home!!!!!

Mark & Silvia

Miss Milky said...

Ih ih ih ih :-)

I think about theme and soundtrack for the lunch/dinner in my home :-)

Canon Win 4ever

Miss Milky