Monday, August 27, 2012

you and me

This summer has been difficult /     Warm and patience /    The car in flames       and the scared heart /  Then,   there were the distant friends to hug        and greet already /    a big wedding bad horseflies /  our new Vespa.      
                 And now you're here to tell me      that life is not a postcard     and all in all the perfection bored /             you tell me we don't need to go far  to have peace all around                      and we have our dreams /     

We have to make all things new, forever.

Miss Milky

1 comment:

deep mark said...

What I know is you and me,
what I am now is you and me
whti is you and me is now
is I know
My dreaming machine has your morning smell
your dreaming today
my feeling lucky with you