Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kiki's Delivery Service 魔女の宅急便

I'm always in love with the movies of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. In this time is finally possible to watch them because translated in english or other languages. I especially adore the way he and him production try to teach everyone (not only kids) to love and respect nature and animals, to be kind with anyone, don't make the war and believe in dreams. 

The film Kiki's Delivery Service (1989) tells the story of a young witch, as she spends a year in a town on her own while using her magical abilities to earn her living.

According to Miyazaki, the movie touches on the gulf that exists between independence and reliance in Japanese teenage girls. Going far beyond coming of age themes, the work deals with the nature of creativity and talent, and the central difficulty every person faces in becoming themselves, whether through luck, hard work or confidence: the inner film explores the same questions as the later Whisper of the Heart

The film was released on July 22, 1989, and won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize. It was the first Studio Ghibli film released under the partnership between The Walt Disney Company and Studio Ghibli.
"The flight, in particular the human, is a recurring theme in the films of Miyazaki. His father was co-owner of a factory producing parts for aircraft, and his love of flying machines the dall'esserne probably comes in contact from an early age. His idea of ​​flight, he said, is linked to a form of liberation from gravity.

In addition to the many aerial devices and drawings Laputa - Castle in the Sky, which is a floating city, this theme is found in Nausicaä of the Valley of the wind, where the protagonist pilot a device called a "Mehve" in Kiki's Delivery Service, where Kiki is a young witch who flies on his broomstick, in my Neighbor Totoro, Totoro where Satsuki and Mei carries in the night sky, it Spirited Away where Chihiro is transported on the back of Haku while he is flying transformed in his dragon form, in The Howl's Moving Castle, where Howl and Sophie walk in the sky hovering over their city.

Among his works that bring to the fore the issue of the flight are to be mentioned Porco Rosso, in which the protagonist is an aviator and the entire plot is based on the flight, on aircrafts and on aerial combat and the short of Studio Ghibli no Kusoh Kikai-tachi no Naka no Hakai no Hatsumei that is fully dedicated to the wonders of flight and is voiced by the same Miyazaki."
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