Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Kids of Rwanda / Cargo Collective: Christiano Neves

"In March 2012 I travelled to Rwanda. Along with the excitement of a true adventure, I also took with me a feeling of apprehension, for how saddening it would be to see the suffering children, with sorrow in their heart and saddness in their eyes, that we see on the news every day.

I was so wrong. All I saw were children. Kids like anywhere else in the world. And that’s why I developed this project, to show the world that while yes, these children have so few of the privelages we take for granted, they’re just like our kids. They argue, laugh, cry, question, shout, run. They’re curious and fearless. But instead of the demanding children we see at home, wanting fast food and gadgets, all the children I encountered, wanted attention, love and care – the basics that all children need. Ok, they also asked me for the two empty plastic bottles I was carrying. And that’s all.

I never forget the eyes of children in Rwanda, and how rich and happy life could be with nothing."

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