Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Images of Imagination 2013

On Sunday we went at the exhibition of Illustration for Children (The Images of Imagination 2013) in Sarmede. Every year there are drawings by illustrators from all over the world and is a special occasion for children and adults. The country is small and charming. Stefan Zavrel lived there, so the exhibition takes place in this litlle town, in memory of him. Obviously I and Mr. Moustache, we have bought a lot of wonderful books, which surely will read to our baby! Here's a few of illustrators we love.

Simona Mulazzani, Il Grande libro dei pisolini. Topipittori Editore
Laurent Moreau, A che pensi?. OrecchioAcerbo Editore
Camilla Engman, C'era una volta una storia.
Marco Somà, La Regina delle Rane. Kitè Edizioni
Paloma Valdivia, Dormi Negrito!
Gabriel Pacheco

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