Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a Letter

Hard, rigid and stiff, I'm a rooster on top of a mountain, with my head up and splash around in the mud with my feet. I am a person open and willing to change ... yet.

Try to break my heart and I'll become a Gryphon, take my confidence and I'll show you my steel sword, exposing it only for few privileged unhappy people. Do you fight with me for what I have “cheerfulness?” I'll show you that I laugh, but my teeth are very sharp…I struggled to smile, I wasn’t  born like this, calm and carefree. Happiness is a goal to be achieved with perseverance, sacrifice and patience, it isn't a fortune.

Don't make me get on the podium, I am not interested in fame and success and even success recognized by  the  populace or fake applauses. Let me a place of peace within which food my dreams and dedicate to myself and other loved ones.

Don't tread my feet on my tile earned with difficulty, because although I seem shining, exists only because it is based on values that every day I ask to myself, yes, even with you.
Here they are, do you see my values? They are the only certainty I have, my only personal luggage, everything that I own.

Don't touch neither they nor the people I love, because I could become a monster, and I can find all the energy that you confuse in sympathy and simply turn it into hatred against you.

I'm perfectly capable of doing justice with my hands with all the balance and patience that befit my being.

Miss Milky


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