Friday, May 27, 2011


"Every jeans has a history. Care label tell it in a book"

Books tell stories that are worth communicating. Care label, the premium jeans brand created by denim insider Leopoldo Durante and lifestyle guru Lapo Elkan, tells its story though the photo book "We Care". At White Homme in Milan, on January 2011, the authors have introduced the 100 page photo book published by HABACUS.

The book's authors explain how the book was born.
"It is photo book that speaks about our collaboration," says Leopoldo Durante. "It comes from the meeting of two different points of view on denim: mine is tough and pure; Lapo's is more refined and interpreted through a more tailored approach."

Leopoldo Durante and Lapo Elkann (Care label) Ph Anna Fabroni
Lapo Elkann adds: "Care Label is a contemporary brand that wants to communicate with a careful and innovative audience. Our Carelabelist(s) are not simply buying products, but are highly demanding customers. In the next years we'll do our best to surprise them with edgy and refined products."
In the book there are the same values that characterize the brand: love for the product, culture, extreme care, constant research, authenticity and innovation. Infact the brand is characterized by a great attention to details, top quality selvage denims, plus copper buttons and a back patch (paper patch) that after washing show the brand's logo and identity.

Leopoldo Durante (Care label) Ph Anna Fabroni
"Every model of our collection is a history whose plot is defined by those who will wear it", explain the two creative minds who strongly believe in the importance of their "Carelabelist(s)".
From 2011 the brand will focus on a relaunch and international distribution strategy thanks to a 10-year licensing agreement with italy-based We Do Srl for distribution and production.
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