Thursday, June 23, 2011


I want to introduce you a special artist, Silvia. She is a tornado woman, always in movement! She's a costume designer, she works as a choreographer for weddings and events, creating magical solutions with flowers. Usually she painted ornaments in the most interesting Venetian villas and finally she paints pictures in his Italian study. I'm fascinated by his work always passionate and instinctive, often inspired by nature into something vibrant. The next solo exhibition of paintings will be in November in a beautiful town near Venice. I will keep you updated!

A graduate in stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Silvia Canton has worked as assistant costume designer for leading theatre and film professionals. An all-round artist, she stands out for her great capacity to excite for  and creativity and elegance of whatever the project. 

"There is nothing more stimulating for the eyes of an artist than simply looking around. Nature is an endless source of ideas and, thanks to painting, I have learnt to stop me, look at and enjoy such beauty, which I hardly saw before, because I no longer knew how to look”.

"I am insatiable when I am looking for my new subject to paint, anxious to grasp an interesting detail among the branches of a bare tree in winter, in the caduceus swinging of the branches of a willow tree or the wavy movement of grass in the breeze. In a vertical or oblique direction the brush strokes enters into my paintings, suggesting the subject and then flowing fast beyond the limits of the canvas and frame, almost as if they did not wish to remain imprisoned within that restricted space. Dynamic and dense brushes strokes, broken signs are dashed by light, which allow me to vibrate the colours in what was initially the whiteness of a virgin canvas passively awaiting to come to life and become a tale."
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