Monday, June 13, 2011


Ok. Today it's sunny outside ... but I have stayed at home all day just to learn how a facebook page runs and how I can linking it into my website. Am I crazy? Yes, it's true but I want to continue this social experience and make it as best as possible, even if crude, banal or repetitive, I want to improve myself in this new world of technology.
This blog was created because of my need to nurture the creativity out of my working life. I haven't so much time for myself and so I learned to program on the weekend all articles I'm posting almost every day. I learned how technology can be used in a useful mood and become a daily source of inspiration, I'm facing a blank wall where I could express myself and save my mind.
I'm so happy to know that my friends see it, they are always updated on my life and if by chance sometimes they are sad, they can cheer up looking at me. So now comes a new page on the bucolic world of facebook, I hope to be able to handle all future new technology in a fun way. Thanks to everybody for all the tips,I dive now!


Látika said...

hahahha!! you are not crazy, at the beginning it is a little difficult, but when you take experience is very funny.

Lot of kissess!!!


Miss Milky said...

Tks for your comment *naiara*
I hope to run like a fox!


Miss Milky