Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love Turin * Vol.1

Turin is a magical city. It was my first time in Turin. Mystery and revolution, elegance and culture everywhere. Now there are also light installations by contemporary artists on the streets. In Turin there is a festival, a big international competition, that opens your eyes on movies and short films made by new directors emerging of the world...

 Turin is history and nightlife, I loved it!


figo said...

your photos are great. is it by iphone?! i am from italy and turin is a place i never was able to visit.

cool photos. cool post cool blog!

come visit me!
and maybe we can follow eachother

Miss Milky said...

Thanks! All photos were taken with my Iphone :-) This mobile will become my best friend!

Oh, I've watched your coooool blog, and, look here


There was a beautiful electronic music festival in turin last month ... what a shame that it's finished!

Miss Milky

cocobloggers said...

love these fotos....such great themes...such amazing colours...