Wednesday, May 30, 2012

flickering heart of Miss Milky

These days I feel a bit worried. The earth is shaking and puffing in many areas of the world. I felt for the first time like I don't have the floor under my feet because of the earthquake and I lost my mind. Only in these days I understood that we are dots in the universe, constantly unstable. The nature, society, the earth is a game, life is a game. No country is safe, I try everyday to give a direction to my wishes and meaning to my life. I try to find a stable place to live my life for sure with my lover and my planning for our future. Instead there isn't a safe place, there are only feelings and the people I love. I'm sure only of my values​​, and everything that I live trying to preserve them.

These are the most beautiful photos of the last solar eclipse. May 20, 2012

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