Monday, June 11, 2012

The Big Varnish at Marè

Good morning. Happy Monday! This week I started my collaboration with one of the most exclusive shops of Treviso: Marè Beachwear.

It all started by a good accident, a painting competition, an exibition in all the city's shops, people walking with a map of the city between the fingers. Treviso is a small city near Venice, with the river between the houses, colorful and cool. This is an events created by a group of young people called Prospettive Eccentriche.

"The Big Varnish" paint is at Marè shop. There are sophisticated beachwear and interesting accessories, the look is very nice. Brands of beachwear like Emamò, Agogoa, Scervino, Exnovo, etc. The paint is a dreamy scene of daily life: a girl who puts the varnish in her toe. Out of the jar so many colorful flowers that fill the entire space.

My painting has the same tone of their collections, a fortune and destiny. I'm happy and excited! My passion has always been cultivated dating back to the surface like an exotic fish in the sea.

I must to tell you: believe always in your dreams, cultivate your passions, updated to good news and live positively :-)

Good Luck, Miss Milky


Anonymous said...

"If ypu want it, you 've got to believe, believe in youself"
I really love you painting. Thank you for remember me that we should always think positively.

Miss Milky said...

Thanks a lot :->