Friday, September 7, 2012

THE CURE of love

Sometimes people look at me like I'm strange. I am only a free mind, free to adore moon and stars, the warmth night and the magic of the colors light. I only want to lose me in your arms and breathe the scent of your neck. I just want to choose every day, all around me. Crying in the corner, laughing in the pool and walk imitating a cat. I live for the beauty of things that sing joy or pain. I want to dress as my body asks, not for eyes of stupids.

Miss Milky 
* * * 
Robert Smith & Mary Poole
May 22, 1986 - The Cure on the Orient Express
Yes they are!
Their love story is so powerful. They met at young age in school. He married her. It's been over 30 years and them love is still blooming. We need to thank him for such beautiful songs like Just Like Heaven (dedicated to her)...


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