Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This is my Wish List of Christmas 2012

Hello people.

This 2012 was terrible. I haven't lost my dreams, never, but I would like more lucky in the next! 
In these last months I've relaxed myself at home with a leg blocked and I haven't had the possibility to buy presents for Christmas, make the tree as I wished,ecc.. so this is my Wish List for Christmas and for the next 2013:

1_ a dependable car (yes, I hav'nt yet bought after the accident)
2_ an ankle stable
3_ lucky and health to my family
4_ the possibility to travel (without bad surprise)
5_ I want to meet my close friends!
6_ listen to new music
7_ to go to the theatre to see some new show with my lover
8_ to find our dream house, finally (where is?!)
9_ improve my bad english
10_..and continued to daydream (everyday)

And now, this is a short movie about our short summer holidays with a few of close friends (point n°5 up, but I miss the others now...when we meet us again?!). I dedicate this movie to all of them, and I put all of your smile under my Christmas tree :-)

Miss Milky

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