Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stepan Zavrel

When I was young I met Stepan in his home. It was an amazing house on a hill, I remember the painted bathroom outside the house into the bush! He was very kindly and show to me and my sister, his school of illustration for young. We were confused because of our future, so distant to reality and now, Stepan isn't there but in the sky and I would like to tell him "thank you for your idea of freedom".
Miss Milky
Stepan (1932-1999) is a Czech illustrator who escaped from communist czechloslovakia to live in Italy. Later he established one of the biggest centers for children's book illustration in a village around 60 km from Venice, where they have a huge festival every year! info

His work is very lyrical and fantastic watercolors, and his shape and design, are really powerful. 

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