Thursday, November 7, 2013

MISS MILKY IS BACK! With more pink :-)

Well, it 's been months that I don't not post anything on my blog.The main reason of my absence is that my computer was lying on the floor with cardboard boxes while we waited to buy a table. We have revolutionized our apartment to make free space for the little news coming. It's been eight months and a half  and in a few days we will meet her, you'll know her!

A child on the way revolutionizes whole life and makes you sit up in a new place to look at things with different eyes, curious, alert and frightened, essays, happy .

These months have passed quickly , especially when I was working away from home and I was running too much. Now I am calm and ready. All mothers should have the opportunity to enjoy pregnancy as they believe and how they feel physically , without judgments and prejudices of others, because all you do is reflected in the health of the child, he's the more important thing.

Now that we have finished all the training courses of pregnancy, we wonder if we will be good parents , if we will able to give everything to her without exaggeration, without neglecting us. I believe that we will succeed , having a little fun  :-)

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