Wednesday, March 5, 2014

God save the app

In these days I'm tired, three months have passed and my little girl still cries often. The causes are: stomach ache, stuffy nose, sleepiness ... and what else I don't know, but I want to understand it and solve the problem immediately (impossible! There isn't a manual). Babies are small fish, they can only crying to communicate, so I try to do my best.I find myself lost, sitting on the couch for a endless time, to feed her, here's my favorite pastime: the app. Thanks to those who invented them because I can't read a book with my baby between my arms :-) Studio and Instagram are my favourite, I kept the moment when she is happy!

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Anonymous said...

Believe in your self.
Be a smiling person or try to.
find your love
dream a dream of shy stars
be a wake up in ours bed on a laughing sunday
a coffee in ours hard days
hi circle of magics
hi M.