Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well, with stars in my eyes I tell you that wedding I went in tuscany was marvellous. The marriage lasted two intense days, and if we could, we'd been there all week, but we had to come back to work. The celebration has started in wednesday 5th, at the Red Room of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. we were a large group of friends and relatives, Italian and Norwegian, all thrilled.

The party started from when the bride with glitter heels took us with her husband at the Teatro della Pergola in Florence center.


a  Vietnamese friend of spouses sings like a barefoot cat on the stage, the curtain closed.

The curtain rises: painted background of the forest and all of us gone up on stage to eat like a private picnic // soft music, we're very chummies. 

Evening: white outdoor party with white Venetian masks and all, really all dressed in white. We are in a medieval castle with candles and music, wine and pizza, that's love. Fellini is the soundtrack, the words engraved in the rings *is a movie ... or is it reality? I continue to ask the bride.

Thursday: sunny day in Florence and shops.
Evening: Official dinner, Colorfull Party in the Tuscan countryside.
Music and red wine in the carboy (I drank what?) Relatives, friends, children ... all colorful!
The DJ plays vintage music in the grass and we try all the world's finest cocktails dancing.
We deliver the gift laughting and go away with tears and smiles.


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