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Valeria & Stefano April 21, 2014. Filanda Motta/Venice


Gessica & Daniele June 8th, 2013. La Rotonda sul Mare, Senigallia AN

I's a shame 'cause I haven't any pics of this amazing wedding! Me and my boyfriend were too excited for this wonderful event and because of our secret. The bride unveiled to the microphone it and all our friends were happy! Jessica and Dani were gorgeous and so perfect with the place, the sea, the "rotonda" ... it was funny and also touching. We enjoy for weddings of friends!! Who's next?


Martina & Simone August 4th, 2012. Pieve di Soligo TV

Silvia & Milko June 30th, 2012. Castelfranco, Asolo, Monfumo TV. Italy

Well, this week was very long for me. The biggest event was the marriage of my sister. She seemed so quiet in the week preceding the date, but was nervous on her wedding day. She ran so much for made everything special, and I understand her because of her job of wedding planner in Italy. Here are some pictures taken to her to let you quickly see how difficult she was to stop! Soon you'll see more pictures and maybe...a movie. Congratulations to Silvia and Milko! With love, Miss Milky

She is red like fire and walks like a flame :-)))


Erica & Henrik October 5th, 2011. Firenze/S.Polo in Chianti
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Sonia & Enrico Septemper 17th, 2011 Campea di Miane

Andrea & Francesco July 9th, 2011 Florence
Andrea&Francesco, MilkyPinkyWay photo
Well, Andrea and Francesco's wedding was a fairy tale. I take so much time to think how to describe it and still not find the words... Bride and groom were wonderful and the priest during the ceremony said that they look like statues above the wedding cake!
the location of party, MilkyPinkyWay photo
The frame of tuscan dream gave meaning to the event and we felt sounds of cicadas during the party...
It 'been a great pleasure to embrace all of my friends and find them beautiful as I had left them. Some of them now have children and I think slowly all will get married soon.
friends :-)
the swimming pool, MilkyPinkyWay photo
The day was excessively hot, but there was a pool full of fresh water for us all!

They'll be always in my heart
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Veronika & Andrea May 23, 2011 Venice

The marriage of Andrew and Veronica was a wonderful experience. It's been some days ago and it already seems to me a distant memory ... The sun was crazy that you can forgive it only because of the beautiful city around. I remember just the laughter through the narrow streets and the sparkling sensation after wedding of my friends in front of loved ones to toast togheter. They are nice and strong, they are like the bread: good and essencial, joined forever :-)

Miss Milky

You know, I'm anti-marriage. I don't think that will ever happen, not because I haven't yet found the man of my dreams, simply beacuse I don't feel the need now. I imagine a future with children running around our table  and flowers everywhere, a kitten, my works, small things...I have already all I need in my arms now. This year, four couples of my friends will getting married. I don't know why, but I really like to participate weddings, especially of my best friends! I like the healthy tension enriched by doubts and hopes, followed by infinity relaxation and happyness.
I always feel closer to the future newlyweds with heart in my hands, but what I like best of all is to meet again all my friends together. There isn't  more beautiful event than to see my friends are always the same persons, even during years and to see them grow up. I hope could it be carefree moment for everyone, and I would like to share all my days on this blog! 
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